Business Energy Saving Tips – Expert Advice

5 brilliant business energy saving tips

If you’re looking for some easy-to-implement business energy saving tips, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts have extensive experience in advising businesses on how to reduce energy bills and their carbon footprint – great news for your bottom line and your corporate and social responsibility.

So if you’re a business owner or manager and you want to save your company money on energy bills by cutting down your electricity usage, just follow these tips…

Our top 5 energy saving tips for businesses

We’ve broken down our energy saving tips into 5 categories – and each offers a variety of ways to save on your business energy use:

1. Lighting – switching lights off when a room isn’t in use may seem fairly insignificant in terms of wasted cash, but in larger offices and units the cost of lighting can soon add up. Make sure staff are trained to switch off lights (when safe to do so), and you can even introduce measures such as automatic lighting systems so lights will come on when needed, and switch off when nobody’s around.

2. Heating and ventilation – there’s a lot of room for waste with these often complex systems, so that means opportunities for electricity savings too. Ensure your settings and controls are optimised to suit your business, that systems are well maintained to run at optimal efficiency, and introduce staff policies such as keeping external doors closed at all times to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

3. Air conditioning – whether for comfort or temperature control, most businesses spend large amounts of money on running air conditioning systems, so ensure yours are well managed. Check, set and maintain temperature controls and ensure regular maintenance. Don’t run it too hot or too cold, make sure it’s switched off overnight where possible and train staff in its effective and efficient use.

4. Information technology – just one computer monitor left running over night for a year can cost your business £20, so multiply that by the number of screens across your offices and buildings and you’ll start to get an idea of what they can represent in terms of cost and electricity savings. Now consider your other IT equipment, such as security systems and printers. Instil a culture of good practice within your business when it comes to switching off equipment when not in use – particularly overnight, but also lunchtimes and when the item isn’t needed during the working day. Check all systems are up-to-date and efficient, and consider automating controls to help with reductions.

5. Refrigeration systems – if you hold stock in refrigerated units, up to 40% of your business energy use could be tied up in these systems. Make sure doors are kept closed, lights switched off when not in use, don’t overload them through overstocking and keep them clean so they don’t have to take up any extra strain. As with the above points, always make sure staff are well trained in the efficient use of refrigeration systems.

We hope you found our business energy saving tips helpful, but if you’d like some bespoke, expert advice on reducing your business energy bills and saving money, please feel free to contact our friendly team.