Energy Efficiency Services

As independent, highly experienced engineers we sit on your side of the table, advising on the best systems, complementary technology or optimisation strategies to drive down operating costs, reduce carbon and protect your business from future energy price rises.

Expert Advice

Whether you’re under pressure to drive down your existing energy bills, protect against future price rises or just make sure your existing systems are working as they should, our team will offer Impartial, practical advice that reduces your energy bills and carbon footprint.

The benefits of our energy advice are clear:
• Drive down your operating costs, increasing profitability
• Make the most of your existing systems, minimising capital outlay
• Meet your environmental obligations by reducing carbon emissions
• Protect against future energy price rises

We’re happy to come to chat about how we can help you and our initial meeting will always be free.
This will help us understand your issues and what you’re hoping to achieve

Voltage optimisation

Ensuring a regulated and constant power flow can maximise the lifespan of your high value equipment. But do you really know what savings your voltage optimisation is achieving?

Voltage Optimisation has a bad reputation for being mis-sold but the technology does work and we can help you get the most from your investment, old or new.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why a thorough assessment of your business’s needs is necessary to make the right recommendations.

We’ll assess factors such as:
• Quality & operational status of equipment you may have already purchased
• Volatility of incoming voltage and risk assessment of equipment failure
• Type and demands of equipment at each site
• Best next steps if things aren’t working as they should

It’s not just about saving money, our team ensure the right voltage is delivered to your equipment which potentially reduces your energy bills, lessens wear and tear, which in turn means your kit lasts as long as you planned.

Reducing electricity consumption also reduces your carbon footprint, helping your business meet its environmental and corporate social responsibilities.

LED for businesses

From warehouses to funky bars, LED lighting is increasingly popular for businesses not only because it saves energy and but because it can be used to make amazing visual statements.

While cost-efficient in the long-term, LED lighting does come with a capital cost, so it’s important you make wise choices in order to get the most financial benefit in the long term.

Focusing on the functional our knowledgeable team can assess what’s right for your business or commercial premises and recommend not only the right technology, but the right brand and supplier based on our whole-market research.

A deep knowledge of the LED marketplace

We assessed hundreds of brands on the market, looking at all of their products and understanding their efficiency, efficacy and where they are best deployed.

This gives us a wealth of knowledge about what is best for your business, and our independence means we’re ideally placed to make recommendations that will help you drive down cost while maintaining operational efficiency.

Impartial, practical advice that reduces your energy bills and carbon footprint

We are completely impartial, with more than 25 years experience in the industry, our team has already managed multi-million pound projects with two years (or less) paybacks.


With many types of business reliant upon the supply of chilled or frozen produce into the marketplace, we pride ourselves in offering specialised refrigeration services. With a wealth of experience in all things refrigeration, ranging from small customer chillers to large industrial systems and not forgetting comfort cooling systems (A/C), we cover it all.

Refrigeration is energy hungry and can often account for up to 40% of retail outlet consumptions. If a system is not maintained correctly or not running at its optimal settings it can cosy you dearly in both running costs and loss of business through failures.

We integrate refrigeration services with our energy monitoring and targeting skills to help identify potential issues arising and advise accordingly.

Services we provide range from friendly advice to full site audits including replacement design, tender and project management.

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