Energy Efficient Lighting for Businesses

Save your business money with energy efficient lighting

Reducing overheads and costs is essential for any business, but while many focus on direct costs, there are substantial savings to be made from your indirect costs too – so let’s take a look at why you should consider switching to energy efficient lighting, and how to do it effectively.

Reducing energy costs

As you’re almost certainly aware, energy costs have a nasty habit of rising, so it makes sense to mitigate some of these increasing overheads before they arrive – while also saving money on your current tariff.

Some smaller businesses feel that energy efficiency measures don’t really apply to them, especially if they operate from a shop or small office – but that doesn’t have to be true with good advice.

Lower LED lighting costs

If you’re thinking of installing LED lighting solutions within your business, there’s never been a better time to invest. Increasing demand has driven down prices, giving you a great opportunity to take advantage now that costs are dramatically lower.

Energy efficient lighting offers a genuine ROI

Whether you run a small, independent business or a larger multi-site operation, the cost of installing an energy efficient lighting system will pay for itself over time. An LED lighting installation cost is always going to be proportionate to the size of your premises, so you only pay for what you need – and as soon as the system is switched on and in use, you start saving money!

To put some figures to it, we recently worked with the UK’s largest wholesaler, saving them around 22% on energy bills per store – such an impressive saving that it’s earned our partnership a place on the shortlist for a national award.

Sure, the savings may not always be quite this substantial, but we’re 100% confident that we can save you money with a bespoke energy efficient lighting installation – and if we can’t, we’ll be totally transparent.

Good design is crucial

To reduce your business energy bills with the help of LED lighting, it’s not just a case of swapping out some bulbs – you need a tailored design to deliver the maximum savings potential.

The type and frequency of use of the space and ‘zoning’ needs to be considered along with other functionality, such as auto switch-off sensors in rooms that are at risk of being unpopulated for long periods with the lighting all left blazing!

Independent energy saving advice

If you’re ready to install energy efficient LED lighting in your shop, offices or any other type of business premises, be aware of advisers who are aligned to one specific manufacturer – they’re financially incentivised to recommend their affiliated brand, which may not be the best one for your needs.

Here at Hawley Energy Group, we pride ourselves on being genuinely independent business energy advisers, so when you talk to us, we’ll give you straight-talking and completely honest advice on the best energy efficient lighting system for your specific requirements.