ESOS Phase 2 – Energy Audits and ESOS Compliance

The Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme – ESOS Phase 2 energy audits and compliance

With energy efficiency becoming an ever-increasingly important topic in light of continuing warnings over climate change, it’s no surprise that the UK Government is rolling out the energy savings opportunities scheme (ESOS) in an attempt to meet its target for reduced carbon emissions. Now with the ESOS Phase 2 reporting deadline approaching in December 2019, here’s a quick guide to ESOS, whether or not it applies to your business or organisation, energy audits and ESOS compliance.

ESOS advice from the energy efficiency experts…

Here at Hawley Energy Group, our truly independent advice has helped many businesses to reduce their energy use and related costs over the years – and we’re here to guide you through ESOS and ensure your compliance.

Firstly, ESOS is mandatory for businesses that either:

  • Have 250+ employees
  • Have an annual turnover of €50m+ and annual balance sheet of €43m+

It also applies to some NFPs, trusts and partnerships where there’s an element of trade or business involved with their activities – we can offer our advice if you’re unsure.

All qualifying businesses are required to have an energy efficiency audit carried out every 4 years. This is to identify any cost-effective energy saving opportunities, must be conducted by a qualified energy assessor and applies to the organisation’s buildings, industrial processes and transport efficiency.

The benefits of acting on your ESOS energy audit

While the undertaking of an energy efficiency audit may be mandatory, implementing the identified recommendations and measures isn’t.

However, while that may be the case, when faced with the facts and figures on paper, it’s expected that most businesses will see the financial benefits of putting any recommended changes in place. Additionally, from a reputational point of view, nobody wants to be highlighted by the Environment Agency as a business that doesn’t care about its carbon footprint.

With a non-compliance fine of up to £50,000, not only is an energy audit essential for ESOS compliance, but following through with the suggested strategies could reap you big business savings in the long run.

Our ESOS energy efficiency auditing services

We’ve heard some concerns raised about ESOS by some of our clients, mainly in regards to it being used as a way to push expensive technology on businesses, along with complaints of expensive compliance procedures – but we promise a different approach.

At Hawley, we’ve developed a simple but comprehensive compliance framework without expensive pre-audit surveys or monitoring systems. When it comes to ESOS Phase 2 compliance, we promise quality energy audits that target tangible savings for your business – so if you need our help, please give us a call on 0333 8000771.